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44buttons lost {+} i don't like my clothes anymore

[26 Jun 2005|11:20am]

[ mood | bored ]

I would never ever post this in the main Interpol community, for fear of being shunned. But..since this is a squeeeeeful spazz community, and we are in desperate need of a new post..I give unto you a POLL :)

Poll #520524 Who is hotter?

Who is the hottest member of Interpol?


1button lost {+} i don't like my clothes anymore

fun for all ages [16 May 2005|02:24am]

eerily accurate fortune telling, perhaps?Collapse )

i'll bet that he tells his friends that the sex is shitty just so they won't try and steal me away. i mean, he loves me 98%! though i get sick of him just 3 days after my birthday. maybe he gets me a shitty birthday present. oh well, we'll have several good years to look forward to before then.

i don't like my clothes anymore

5 things [15 May 2005|11:00pm]

from the may 2005 issue of spin magazine (with trent reznor on the cover):

five things in carlos d.'s gun holster

1.) full-day pass for the renaissance faire

2.) all-black rubik's cube key chain

3.) his lucky rat's foot

4.) shoe polish (for boots and hair)

5.) ipod (bauhaus special edition)

(cross-posted to carlos_dengler & interpol_nyc)

1button lost {+} i don't like my clothes anymore

may our bodies remain [25 Apr 2005|06:30pm]

[ mood | swoon baby ]

am late, and am sorry for that, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARLOS!
31 and dead sexy! i'm betting that he doesn't age, being a vampire and all. how do we know mr. d. is indeed a creature of the night? hmmm, well, he's into the cure, his jobs are all night jobs, he's ungodly pale for being 50% columbian, he seems to smoke and drink but never eat, and he's into healthy-looking goth chicks. plus he's a taurus, and the only other boy i know who's a taurus is definitely vamp-esque. so that seals the deal for me.

happy birthday, you undead boy, you! *MWAH*

3buttons lost {+} i don't like my clothes anymore

yes you were a flower [19 Apr 2005|10:37pm]

[ mood | our love ]

welcome, one and all, to interpol_spazz!

you know you're completely obsessed with interpol if:

-you've ever pulled a muscle trying to dance like daniel
-you've purchased a pair of big-ass glasses because they remind you of paul
-you've ever shouted, 'fogarino!' for whatever reason
-not even venereal disease...keeps you from fantasizing about carlos
-you've ever told someone that your name is stella, rosemary, sandy, or daphne
-you sometimes look in your closet and think, 'i don't like my clothes anymore,' regardless of whether you actually do or not.
-you've tried debating which album is better, 'turn on the bright lights' or 'antics,' but you gave it up because they're both so good
-you've caught yourself talking on and on about interpol to random people who, for the most part, don't really care
-you've debated moving to nyc
-you comb through magazines that mention interpol and make a mental note of which bars the band members are known to frequent, just in case
-you've ever wanted to dye your hair red before an interpol concert, but you settle for wearing your hair in braids
-you know where you want to stand during an interpol concert before you even arrive based on the band members' usual positions on the stage
-you've waited in extreme weather conditions, or for over two hours, or both, to get into a show and/or meet the band
-you belong to more than one interpol online community
-you've downloaded three or more interpol bootlegs
-you know each member's astrological sign
-you got an interpol lyric engraved on your ipod
-not only do you remember the exact moment when you first heard interpol, you tell other people the story of that moment
-as you sing along with paul in the car/shower/bedroom/street, you wonder how many other people are doing the exact same thing at the exact same moment?
-you make a list like this one

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